Easter 'Pay What You Can' Sale - The Empowered Postpartum Course

Normally $99 - Get the Empowered Postpartum Course 'Pay What You Can' from just $10!

What's included in the Empowered Postpartum Course:

5 in depth video modules to help you feel confident and prepared for postpartum, including:

- Setting Yourself Up for a Great Postpartum led by Nurse Midwife Nancy Pol, MSN, APRN, CNM, founder of Emergence Midwifery

- Infant Sleep with Baby-Led Sleep Specialist Lauren Fucci founder of Holistic Mama Sleep

Pelvic Floor Health and Recovery (vaginal and caesarean) led by Physical Therapist Dr Laura Gordey founder of Plus One Physical Therapy

Feeding Your Baby with Lactation Consultant Christina Deleon founder of Latch Onto Health

Maternal Mental Health with Nurse Practitioner Stacia Scott founder of Postpartum Care of Indiana

Also includes extra resources and downloads to help you in your postpartum journey, as well as membership to our Christian Hypnobirthing Community Group. 


Includes unlimited access to the course for 1 year. 

Normally $99 - Today please 'Pay What You Can' from $10 😊

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