Experience a more relaxed, confident and faith-filled birth and postpartum.



When we feel relaxed and connected to God, and our baby, birth truly can be a wonderful and spiritual experience.

Creator of the five-star rated app 'Christian Hypnobirthing', Tara Menzies, brings you the Faith-Filled Childbirth Course, an in-depth antenatal training course, to work alongside the Christian Hypnobirthing relaxation tracks, to help you feel confident and informed about birth. 

What's included in the Faith-Filled Childbirth Course?

- Over 4 hours of childbirth educational video content led by creator of the Christian Hypnobirthing App Tara Menzies, including modules on understanding our miraculous design, techniques to help you relax, overcome fear, and build a faith-filled birth mindset, ways to physically prepare for birth, facts and research that can help you make informed and confident decisions around birth, how to feel more connected to God and your baby throughout pregnancy and labor and more!

- BONUS 1 Month Free Subscription to the Christian Hypnobirthing App

- BONUS Christian Hypnobirthing Printable Birth Affirmation Cards

- BONUS 3 hours of interviews with birth professionals including midwife Nancy Pol from Emergence Midwifery, physical therapist Dr Laura Gordey from Plus One Physical Therapy and CEO of the FASTer Way nutritionist and personal trainer Amanda Tress!


About the instructor

Tara Menzies

Tara is a fully qualified hypnobirthing teacher, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

Tara created the Christian Hypnobirthing app in early 2018 after the birth of her first son, because she wanted to combine traditional hypnobirthing techniques (breathing, visualisation, positive affirmations etc) with the incredible love, strength and support that come from our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, to help expecting mamas feel confident relaxed and connected to God throughout their births. 

Introducing our Empowered Postpartum Course

Founder of Christian Hypnobirthing Tara Menzies, brings together five incredible postpartum professionals to help you have the best postpartum experience possible. What's covered:

- Setting Yourself Up for a Great Postpartum led by Nurse Midwife Nancy Pol, MSN, APRN, CNM

- Infant Sleep with Baby-Led Sleep Specialist Lauren Fucci

Pelvic Floor Health and Recovery (vaginal and caesarean) led by Physical Therapist Dr Laura Gordey

Feeding Your Baby with Lactation Consultant Christina Deleon

Maternal Mental Health with Nurse Practitioner Stacia Scott


★★★★★ "I believe this course helped me have the most amazing first birth! I attribute the speed and relaxation I had greatly to this course. I also really loved listening to the tracks as I was in labor. They helped me feel relaxed and in control of my birth!"

Melanie Hartges


★★★★★ "The course helped me feel prepared for birth and I can honestly say my birth experience was AMAZING! Along with the Christian Hypnobirthing app I was able to stay focused and I had a quick, easy, pain free birth. I would totally recommend this course for anyone wanting to prepare for a wonderful, Holy Spirit filled birth!"

Rachel Thompson

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All of the following resources are included in our Faith-Filled Childbirth Course (when you purchase the course full price), to help support you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The Christian Hypnobirthing app* and our Printable Birth Affirmation Cards

*BONUS 1 Month Free Subscription

Over four hours of childbirth educational content to help you feel informed and confident

BONUS interviews with Christian Birth Professionals